Information on Meetings And Events In 2019

September 10, 2019 – The next tying meeting in Richland.

NOTE: The tying meeting  is at the Richland Parks and Recreation bldg at corner of Scarborough Street and old hwy 49 across from city hall in Richland, 2nd Tuesday’s, 6:00, casting instruction in the adjacent lot (when enough daylight is available).

September 17, 2019 – Regular Meeting of Magnolia Fly Fishers, this month’s program will be at Orvis/Renaissance in Colony Park. We will start at 6:00 instead of 6:30 so we don’t keep the Orvis store employees there longer than they may be comfortable staying.  Greg Smith will talk about Euro and Czech nymphing techniques he has learned and applied to Mississippi waters.


Fly Fishing Events of Club Interest


Well, here are some events fly fishers should be thinking about:  the MS river is finally down, the tides have changed, the redfish are staging, the jacks are cruising, the stripey fish are blitzing, shad are on the move, the water is cooler in the ponds and lakes.   We should be fishing.

Oct. 25-27  Leeville Catch n’ Eat  –  Red Stick Fly Fishers invites members of Magnolia Fly Fishers and other FFF clubs to attend their “Leeville Weekend” summer event, which was previously the Grand Isle Weekend.  This year a hurricane prompted a cancellation of the summer event, but we have been invited to attend their Fall “Catch n’ Eat”.  More details at upcoming meetings.  This is saltwater fly fishing.  The RS club does a feed, usually shrimp on Friday night and hopefully there are enough fish caught to feed us on Saturday night.
















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