Information on Meetings And Events In 2019

December 10, 2019 –  Christmas Party at Cock O’ The Walk 6:30 $15 per head

This would normally be the tying meeting date but the club does not meet in December and instead we opt for our Christmas Party.    This year’s party is at Cock o’ The Walk at the Reservoir.   Please, if you were not at the November meeting, let Steve Davidson know your head count.  Mail a check, written to Magnolia Fly Fishers, to Ed at 283 Lake Circle, Madison, MS 39110 for an amount equivalent to your head count x $15.   You may bring cash to give to Ed at the party, but please bring exactly $15 (times your head count) to avoid his having to make change.  The club will pay the tip and will pay for side orders and beverages.  You will need to run a tab with the wait staff for alcoholic beverages, the club will not pay for those.

January 14, 2020 –  Fly tying meeting in Richland, 6:00 pm.

tying meeting directions for Richland

January 21, 2020 – Regular Meeting of Magnolia Fly Fishers, this month’s program will be at Bass Pro. 


Fly Fishing Events of Club Interest

Well, here are some events fly fishers should be thinking about:  the MS river is finally down, the tides have changed, the redfish are staging, the jacks are cruising, the stripey fish are blitzing, shad are on the move, the water is cooler in the ponds and lakes.   We should be fishing.

















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