Our club facebook group is a closed group but may be joined by using the “Invite by Email” option on the first FB page

Click here to enter the Magnolia Fly Fishers Facebook Group Page

Shop for items which have been posted by members:

View items MFF members have on sale 

or here to view your own items for sale as well as your selling history

Please note, when posting items for sale please select the “Sell Something option” when posting for several reasons.

  • It allows an item name, price, description and photos
  • The post is treated as an ad and will allow you to view your ad posts separately from discussion posts.  It allows you to modify pricing, edit the ad, mark items as sold, review sold items etc as well as allowing buyers to communicate with you on your item.

For the “View Items MFF members have on sale” feature to allow viewers to see shop or browse through everything for sale, members must include #shopmff anywhere in the description.


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